“How much does the truth cost?”

32 Peak Street is a drama/comedy looking into the lives of our young couple Jesse and Susan, who are on the verge of becoming new homeowners in today's market. Susan is a strong lady, who has planned each stage of her life while Jesse has a more laid-back approach, which has seen them get this far. With the couple finding the house which they want to buy and a salesman keen to impress during his probation period, we start to see Jesse's main flaw as he confides in his close friend and colleague a scheme how to afford the deposit which he is already supposed to have." 

Set against a backdrop of modern-day life in a buzzing urban city, Corey Bovell depicts a relatable tale of a man struggling to adapt to the demands of adulthood and the responsibility that comes with a serious level of commitment. This brand new play made it’s London debut at Camden Fringe 2018. With Corey Bovell’s penchant for mixing social commentary with sharp humour, this latest foray follows on from his previous writings “The Last of Her Days” “The Theory of Three” and “After All This, proving his style and leanings towards humane, relatable stories. 

TD Moyo directed this dynamic new play at the Tristan Bates Theatre, featuring, Jackie Macatiag as a young architect, Jesse; Martin O-Whyte a secretive prideful partner, Jamie; Corey Bovell, a goal-driven salesman and Alvin Ikenwe as Kieran, the ever-present friend.

“Bovell’s writing is quick fired, witty and up to date” – North West End ★★★


“I thoroughly enjoyed this play and would highly recommend it. This is a play full of energy, emotion and is a great laugh!” – LondonTheatre1 ★★★★


“The dialogue is quick and witty and some of the exchanges will have you crying with laughter” – TBB

“A richly imaginative and well-written piece with some moments of pure joy and brilliance.” – The British Blacklist ★★★


This project is supported by Oisel Productions 


Tied together by a single poem, “The Last Of Her Days” is the passing of the torch, burning new ideas with the flight of the old. Can Lynn teach her Grandson Philip the ways of the world before? Only the time they have left will tell!!!!

The Last of Her Days was directed by the powerful duo Kieran Shekoni & Tyrone Lee-Davis at Oxford House featuring Corey Bovell as Philip, Aaron Deacon as Spencer, Samantha Earle as Thelma/Young Lynn, Lauren Marshall as Kelly, Jerome Millington- Johnson as Eric/ Young Winston and Angela Waters as Lynn

This project is supported by Oisel Productions 


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