Chicken Burger N Chips


Chicken Burger N Chips

After a sold-out run of 32 Peak Street during last year’s Camden Fringe, Corey Bovell has taken his societal tales across London theatres including The Pleasance, Tristan Bates, Arcola, The Vault and Ovalhouse. Corey now brings his Dramatic, Edgy and moving one-man play to the Jack Studio Theatre from Tuesday 10 until Saturday 14 March 2020 a venue just a stone’s throw away from the streets, estates and takeaways of South East London at the heart of the play’s action.

“The world wasn’t designed for us to succeed playboy, you gotta clock that we’re living in an uneven society.” During the summer holidays of 2009 Corey dreams of nothing but to hang around with his friends while ordering as much Morley’s as possible. Until Jodie comes along and makes Corey realise the changes that are happening within his beloved Lewisham Borough. Making Corey, for the first time, think about what path his future takes.

Writer and actor, Corey Bovell, said: “This is a raw and nostalgic coming of age story, similar to Debbie Tucker Green’s play Random which, although written over ten years ago, has a theme that is still relevant. Statics say that knife crime has reached an unprecedented high and risen by 7% in the previous 12 months*. I don’t believe London streets - especially Lewisham - feel any safer, despite the strategic plans that have been put in place to tackle the robust wave of crime. Chicken Burger and Chips was written in the hope that my younger target audience can see the consequences of violence within the local community and find a new way to challenge their energy into something positive.”

Chicken Burger and Chips is written and performed by Corey Bovell and directed by Kwame Asiedu, with design by Sandra Falase, art design by Fabienne Ayton, lighting design by Pablo Fernandez,
sound design by Xana, movement direction by Kara Dee and stage management by Frederick Zannor. It is produced by Oisel Productions & Rua Arts.

Date: Tuesday 10th - Saturday 14th March 2020

The project is supported by Arts Council England, Oisel Productions, Rua Arts, The Bruntwood Prize for Playwrighting, Morley’s & AfterHours.

To book tickets, visit: or telephone 0333 666 3366 (£1.75 fee for phone bookings only).


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